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4 Book Reviews for “A Blessing in the Storm… Muscular Dystrophy messed up my life and made me whole"

~ Review from Lauralee at SELAH – PAUSE. PONDER. PRAISE

Blessing in the Storm…MD messed up my life and made me whole by Lori Laws has been on my mind to read for quite some time. The moment I saw it had been published as an e-book, I purchased it. Life got in the way, though, and I had not been able to get past the title page.

This weekend, a stormy weekend oddly enough, I had some down time and was determined that this would be my opportunity to start it. Start it? I couldn’t put it down (yes, I printed it out). I finished it. It’s that gripping.

Lori’s memoir, underneath the surface, is not really about her struggle with Muscular Dystrophy, though it is the catalyst for every message in it. It’s mostly about her plight spiritually. She writes in her introduction: “This book is for anyone who is suffering with anything.” I whole-heartedly agree.

Ever wrestled with pride? Self-righteousness? Unbelief? Vanity?

Have you ever enjoyed a destructive lifestyle?

Do you suffer with chronic pain of any kind, whether it be physical or emotional?

Do you have guilt or dysfunction from your past that clutters your heart and mind?

Have you given in to your circumstances or allowed them to identify you?

Are you convinced that God doesn’t listen or doesn’t know what He’s doing?

Do you have a hope unfulfilled?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Lori’s e-book will encourage you more than you could ever imagine. The instant I read the foreword written by Lori’s husband, I knew that this would not be a book of pat answers for someone struggling with disease. Rather an authentic testimony of hope found amidst the struggle.
And Hope is the paper this story was written on…

Lori is genuine, honest, purposeful and direct with her memoir. It’s filled with day-to-day stories and experiences that have carved her into a beautiful woman of God, one who is still learning how to lean and showing others how to do so right alongside her. Lori writes, “Remember that nothing ahead of you is bigger or stronger than the power of God behind you.” That God-power is what has made her God-strong even with a disease that has the potential to leave her feeling powerless and weak.

My insights on Lori’s testimony and message cannot do them justice. I encourage you to see what God has in it for you. Even if you are not a believer in the God of all hope and comfort, I encourage you to read her story. If you are someone who thinks you have it all together, there could be a jewel in it for you too. If you find yourself not knowing what to say to a friend who is struggling, or if you are a spouse or relative to someone with chronic pain or illness, Lori’s book has the potential to lead your heart to greater insight and perspective regarding these relationships.

Though a Kleenex or two is needed along the way, she will lead you to a place of Hope if you are willing to stop there. She will show you the place where, in her words, “God saw me, and in His great mercy saved me and brought the sweetest peace.”

~ Review from Valerie from SIMPLY 4 GOD

God is truly awesome! I was asked by my good friend, Lori Laws author of Persevere, to write a review of her new book entitled, "A Blessing in the Storm-MD Mess Up My Life and Made Me Whole." I love Lori so much as she is such an inspiration to me and I immediately said, "Yes! I would love to!" Then I began thinking, "Valerie you have never in your life written a book review! What in the world were you thinking?" Well, I did the only thing I could do and that was seek the advice of the One on High: GOD. So, I talked to Him about what I should say in this review and how I should write it since I was clueless. What He laid on my heart was simple, write what is on your heart. So, my friends, here is my review of Lori's book. Lori has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. Before being afflicted with this disease, she was a woman who was on top of the world and enjoyed life to the fullest. Then, she was struck down with this rare disease which drastically affected and changed her life. When I first read the title, I thought "how could MD make some one's life whole?" Of course this got my curiosity peeked. I began to read her book. I could not stop! I could not wait to get to the end of the book! Yes, my friends it is that awesome, amazing, fantastic, inspiring and full, I mean full of hope, love and faith. Of course she goes through the emotional phases of denial, hate, bitterness, anger, fear and loss of hope. But, the more you read the more you see how God truly worked within her life! What was meant to destroy Lori only made her stronger! She says these words,
"through circumstances I had no control over, I have turned to Him. We all have things in lives which are beyond our control or things that seem insurmountable and hopeless. I stand here today only by the grace of God, and can say that I am able to look beyond the pain and see that it was a severe mercy!"

The foreword her husband wrote simply took my breath away. His love for her can be felt through his words. As with all newly married couples, you want to start a family. When they found out about Lori having MD he wrote these words which brought me to tears, "the reality that unfolded now is focused on Lori's survival and not my wishes." He also goes on to say, "Lori is my life, and I am here to stay no matter what." Oh how I cried tears on that! Lord knows I could write and write about Lori's book, but I don't want to give away anymore than I already have. I highly recommend that everyone read this book. Anyone who is suffering from abuse, hardships, pains, disease and those who are not suffering at all should read this inspiring and encouraging book. This book is full of hope. This book is how God can take your mess and turn it into a blessing. This book offers encouragement. This book let's one know that:
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Lori's awesome book takes you from not having hope to hope. From not trusting in God to trusting in God. From leaning on your own understanding, to leaning on God's understanding. This book is simply a must read and I don't say this because she is my friend, I say this because her book is simply THAT GOOD! You can read more about Lori and her book here: A Blessing in the Storm. Trust me; you will want to purchase the E-book. It will bring hope back into your life. Grace and Peace

~ Review from Lauren at SEED THOUGHTS

Once again, I am delighted to do a book review for a book that was written by a friend of mine, Lori Laws, author of the blog Persevere. This book of hers, A Blessing in the Storm, is her story. Lori is an amazing woman of God, but like many of us, she didn’t start out that way. When Lori was 30 years old, shortly after getting married, her body started to give her problems. Major problems. In time, she learned that she had a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. This awful, progressive disease was her greatest curse. And, as it turned out, it was also her greatest blessing.

Lori freely shares what her life was like before this disease struck her. She was beautiful, confident, active, self-reliant, and . . . full of pride. When this disease struck her, all of the things she thought were important were stripped away, and what she found was Jesus, her Lord and Savior. In the midst of the most severe storm of her life, she found her Life-Giver. Through her brokenness, Lori sought out the Lord. In return, she gained her life, patience, empathy, compassion, and yes, also humility. She also found her purpose – to persevere, share God’s Word, encourage, and point others to the cross. She has touched many lives for Christ, and has only just begun.

A Blessing in the Storm is a wonderful book for anyone. Truly it will speak to the heart of the person who is afflicted with disease, or a person who loves someone who is. It will also speak to the heart of the person who doesn’t know exactly how to act or speak around someone with a disability. Lori has experienced the deepest of valleys and the highest of mountains, and she shares her journey with an honesty that is refreshing.

At this point, A Blessing in the Storm is available in ebook form only. It is well worth the read. It will bless you and remind you of two things: First, God is with you always, He will never leave you nor forsake you, and His plan and purpose for you is much bigger and better than what you’ve ever thought of for yourself. Second, the trials you go through, whatever they are, will purify you, make you a better person, and draw you closer to the One who created you, if you allow them to. Please, visit Lori at her blog and purchase her book, either for yourself or for someone else. You will be blessed by it.

~ Review from Diane at STEPPING INTO THE LIGHT

Just before ending her first book with a love letter to God, Lori Laws says, "My advice is to dwell on what you do have instead of stressing out over what you lost or don't have. Dwelling on the former makes blessing comes and life flourish. But dwelling on the latter brings bitterness, disappointment and death."
Although she has a debilitating and painful disease, Lori is flourishing.
Her book A Blessing in the Storm, will bless everyone who reads it, especially those who keep their hearts open to God's good. Those who are struggling with any affliction--physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual--will rejoice upon reading what radical change for the good God has created in Lori's life through and in spite of her illness. Those who are well will realize more than ever just how precious it is to know Christ as both Savior and friend.
God did not give Lori the disease that twists and tightens her body into painful positions, but thankfully God can use any situation to bring about positive change in any one of us.
Lori effectively and joyfully tells the story of how God changed her from a spoiled "princess" into a woman living to serve King Jesus. To read A Blessing in the Storm is like reading letters from a friend.
Once you read A Blessing in the Storm, you'll want to follow Lori's continuing story through her blog, fittingly called Persevere.
You can purchase A Blessing in the Storm as an ebook through Lori's website. Lori explains how sometimes God doesn't calm the storm, but He comforts His child instead.
Even though I knew already, A Blessing in the Storm helped me see once again that God is always in the blessing business, no matter what one's situation appears to be. Read Lori's book and be blessed.

*** Also,an informative site for my memoir...

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